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Sunday 29 July 2012

News on Jeanett Thomas

I hate these sorts of posts.  My heart is heavy and my eyes are filled.

Noted Cryptozoologist/Zoologist Lars Thomas has informed us that his wife, Jeanett, has been found.  Sadly, she is not found alive.

About six months ago, Jeanett left for a bookstore in Copenhagen (their home) and disappeared.  Her husband and teenage sons have been buried in grief and worry ever since.  Several of my colleagues had hoped she had some sort of medical or psychological event and was simply "lost".  As horrible as that sounds, it would have been better than this.

Occasionally, sightings of Jeanett would pop up.  The homicide bureau was called in.  They investigated whether she had been angry or despondent before her disappearance.  Cell phones, computers, and store surveillance were all checked thoroughly and the case went cold.

Lars now has a sort of closure, because Jeanett's body has been recovered in Poland.  Authorities believe that she fell into  Copenhagen Harbour and drowned the night in February where she disappeared.  Because of the winter cold, it was likely a quick death but that is little consolation for such a wonderful family.

Her body drifted across the Baltic and came ashore in northern Poland in early April.  It was only recently that she was identified.  Lars is in the process of having her body sent back home, a process that could take weeks.

Lars is a zoologist with credentials from the University of Copenhagen and has written over 50 books.  He is Denmark's only Cryptozoologist.   This video is about his Australian Big Cat sighting.

Click the last link for words from Lars about the shock and loss.  There are no words I can add and even worse, no words anyone can utter that will take this away.  Godspeed and God Bless you, Jeanett.

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