The Centre for Fortean Zoology was founded in the UK in 1992 - nearly 20 years ago. Over the past two decades it has expanded to become a truly global organisation. We opened our American office in 2001, our Australian office in 2009, and now - in our 19th year - we are proud to welcome CFZ Canada to the CFZ global family.

Thursday 25 June 2020

RICHARD MUIRHEAD: Is this the first Canadian porcupine fish?

A rare poisonous fish, usually found in tropical waters, was found earlier this month washed up on shore near a Vancouver Island community. 

The tissues of the spotted porcupine fish contain tetrodotoxin, which can cause paralysis and eventually asphyxiation, according to Gavin Hanke, the curator of vertebrate zoology at the Royal B.C. Museum. 

It's the first time the species has been found in B.C., he said. It's been preserved as part of the museum's collection.

RICHARD MUIRHEAD: From the archives

The Belleview Times
May 31st 1912
Alberta newspaper
Burmis is a community in Alberta


RICHARD MUIRHEAD: Very rare bird in Vancouver

VICTORIA - Bird enthusiasts have flocked to Vancouver Island from all over the world to catch a glimpse of a rare bird that has touched down.

Kirsten Mills was one of the first to spot the yellow-browed warbler in Panama Flats on Friday and since then her phone has been ringing off the hook.

RICHARD MUIRHEAD: Strange howls in the Ontario wilderness

Strange howl

TORONTO -- Does Bigfoot exist? And if so, is it Canadian?

Ontario hunter Gino Meekis recorded videos of strange, loud, echoing howls in the woods that have left biologists scratching their heads.

He’d never “heard anything like this before,” he told in a phone interview. “It was more bass-y than anything I’ve heard scream before.”

Sad news

I have some sad news for you all. Robin contacted me the other day. She is seriously ill, and will not be able to run CFZ Canada for the foreseeable future. She was going to resign, but I told her that she is much loved and very appreciated member of the CFZ family, and that Richard Muirhead, Richard Freeman, Carl Marshall and I would act as placeholders until she returns.
In the meantime we are all sending her our love and healing vibes. Bloody hell I sound like an old hippie…..