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Thursday 22 February 2024

 Lake Monsters In the Basin of the former Champlain Sea.

By David Scott CFZ Canada

I Grew up in the Ottawa Valley on the shores of the Ottawa river where the Madawaska river joins it. I remember tales of a Monster in the in Otter Lake at Cobden Ont. called Hexapolar, better know now as Mussie.. This was what I thought at the time just a local legend much like Big Joe Muffaraw the legendary lumberjack Stories told by local story teller Bernie Badore.

It was while researching a new series of Children's book to include the Chats lake monster, similar to Mussie of muskrat lake.

The Chats Lake Serphant was actually captured in 1882 by men from my home town of Arnprior, off our very shores. Upon looking into this story to expand it for this blog that I looked up to Muskrat Lake and the Muskrat River which actually also fed off the Ottawa river. The further I looked in the Ottawa river basin, the more of these mysterious Lake Serphant were found, what they all have in common is the ancient Champlain Sea. I think you see where I am going now.

Almost every major river and lake attached seem to show a large Serphant like creature varying to 12-14 feet This area also encompasses Current day Lake Champlain and the legendary Champ. One is Elvis in Dows Lake part of the Rideau Canal, a skater in 2021 reported seeing this large aquatic animal swimming beneath the ice and trying to break through. And the canal was mysteriously closed the next day.. In in 2015 Two environmental Studies students captured photos of an American eel. 10-15 meters in length in Dows Lake. That’s 33-45 feet.. Most of these lakes and rivers are now landlocked with the exception of the St. Lawrence seaway and the 5 great lakes. ALL of which have sightings of large serpentine creatures. The Reported sizes are far beyond the norm for American eels.

The Reason I bring up American eels is while they usually bred and die in the Sargasso sea on the Atlantic Ocean, some Hydro dams have made it almost impossible for the dwindling population of Ottawa River eels to return to their breeding grounds, hence a constant growth would explain exceptional sizes being seen and dubbed river Serphant (I assure you if I saw 30 ft. eel I too would call it a monster).But if you consider they have no natural predators and an unlimited food supply the occasional gigantic specimen is not unfeasible. This could explain almost every Lake Monster around the world, including the fabled Loch ness Monster and Champ of Lake Champlain part of the former Champlain Sea. Could this be just eels who are exceptionally old and continued to grow instead of going off to breed and die a massive decline in American eel populations in the last 50 years (up to 90%) also opens up a endless supply of prey. Ottawa Riverkeepers is a organization trying to save the dwindling stock of the once most populous fish species on the Ottawa River.

American, European eels all migrate to the Sargasso sea to breed, with cross bred known as Islandic eels are a cross of European female and American males breeding,

Due to restrictions to go to their regular breeding grounds, or a unknown type of cold water eel or a yet yet classified Animal, it does seem Lake Serphant of some sort ply the waters and lakes of the world.. I found this study extremely interesting and I do not consider myself a Water Cyprid explorer. A quick search of Canadian Sea Serphant, Lake monsters, or almost any similar search will bring you up a literal rabbit hole you may be sorry you opened if you have to work or go to school the next morning. Underwater seas, lakes and rivers also give access to explain a similar if not the same creature being spotted. If you have a story please leave it in the comments below. I would be happy to hear them and perhaps we can explain this enigma haunting the waters I learned to swim in.. Yikes.

drawing Credit Brennan ohagan

Meet Dave, Chair of the Canadian CFZ

 Autobiography Of David A. Scott Canadian Chair of the CFZ.

! was born in Canada in 1961 in Cold Lake Alberta and moved with my family at a very young age of 6 months to the Nations Capital of Ottawa Ontario. my Fathers retirement from the Royal Canadian Air Force as a Stationary engineer took my family to Arnprior Ontario. were I spent most of my informative years. At a young age I had a fascination in the U.F.O field, being a Member of Mufon, and the Mufon CB Radio relay network. I had a encounter in 1972 of a strange object and sighting a Canadian Fighter jet in the area, I have never been able to find anything about this, no records or reports other then I and 3 friends who witnessed the event. I was also interested in Yeti and Bigfoot. I would read endless books on science fiction, but never truly studied in depth till my 3rd Daughter ( I have 3 and a Bonus Daughter who are all very special to me ) Took a rabid fascination on just about anything Cryptid after watching Monster X on T.V. Carols questions and wanting to know more drew me back into the field of study and the three of us began a fascinating journey with Carol her Mom and I going to strange locations, joining the T.B.R.C. None of us have ever stopped looking for new and fascinating reports. David is semi-retired from GM where he worked on the gun system for Light Armored vehicles. We moved to Texas in 2001 and spent 15 years there close to the big Thicket and many many stories of Bigfoot. Carol and I Returned to Canada in 2016 were I meant my New Wife and Bonus Daughter and I hunkered down and released 15 children's books, my current project is a 3 book series of Cryptids for Children.

Cryptid Wise I have seen up close and personal a Texas Chupacabra, (Coyote malformed by severe mange while on patrol aka a Texas Blue Dog, a unidentified animal hopping/ running on two legs across the road also while on patrol and on the same road. I have no idea as I actually called into dispatch to see if a Kangaroo had escaped a zoo. This call I paid for dearly from fellow Patrol officers and friends, but I'm a big boy I can take it lol.

I am not a fan of Paranormal happenings but have seen a Nun who walks down a hallway every night, Shadow people neither of which I would care if I ever saw again.

I was Asked by Johnathan to be the chair of the CFZ and have begun to assemble my data sets and already have a planned field study for 2023 in Northern Ontario. I play Guitar, sing poorly, we enjoy our Horses, Cats and dogs and have a love for nature. I am excited to start my new Adventure and hope I can bring new light on situations and help preserve unknown Animals and nature before it is to late. Great every day with Wonder, there is always something new. You just have to be aware, and open to new ideas and admitting sometimes things do go bump in the night.

David Scott

Canadian Chair, Center for Fortran Zoology

 May 20th 1967

Falcon Lake Manitoba.

    Across Canada, Canadians we waking in great excitement as they made plans for the upcoming Centennial Celebration for this great country in a little over a month.

    Caravans and the Centennial train crisscrossed the country show casing our history in cities and town. The Queen and Prince Philip would be here, with Prime Minister John Diefenbaker and Governor General Judy Lamarsh. Canada was having a Party, expo 67 was in full swing, new Songs were being written, Canada had Hoisted the Maple leaf in 1965 replacing the Union Jack and would be on full display at every event, The Whole World was invited, and perhaps, just perhaps visitors from an even more distant world came to celebrate with us too.

    East of the city of Winnipeg , Stephan Michalak, an industrial mechanic and amateur geologist, was out by the lake searching for Quartz when he was interrupted by a gaggle of geese that began a large fuss of Honks as if being startled. Michalak, turned and scan around to see what had gotten such a rise out of the Geese wand what he saw would be the crux of what was to come.

    In the Sky Michalak witnessed two large cigar shaped objects with a reddish glow hovering 45 meters away. One descended to a nearby rock where it landed and took on a more disc like shape. Michalak thinking he was seeing a United States experimental aircraft, observed as the second object left the area and sat down to sketch the object now alighted upon the rocking landing area.

    Having Completed his drawing and believing the disk to be an experimental craft Michalak approached the craft, he walked around the noting an open door and appearing completely seamless. When he reached out to touch the craft with his work gloves on he recoiled back as his gloves began to melt where they came in contact with the metal.

    Having exploring the perimeter of the ship and finding no insignia on it he approached the open door of the craft, the strong odour of Sulphur and burnt motor.

    He heard murmuring of voices coming from inside the ship, as well as the hissing of air, and the whirring of motors. He called out into the door offering mechanical help to the “Yankee Boys”. The murmuring fell silent. He tried calling out in his native Polish, Russian and German. He put on his welding glass he used while mining to avoid quartz chips and dust getting into his eyes. Looking inside the ship he saw light beams and panels of of various coloured lights, but he could see anyone or any other living thing.

    As he stepped back from the door three panels slide across the opening and the craft began to rotate counter clockwise, the panel he had sketched in his drawing rotated in front of him and a blast or hot air or gas hit him on the chest pushing him back and setting his his shirt and cap on fire.

    As he ripped the burning garments and flaming hat from his body the craft rose into the air and flew away.

    Disoriented and feeling ill he stumbled back to his hotel room vomiting along the way, He caught a bus back to Winnipeg and went to the local hospital.

    At the hospital he was treated for burns on his chest and stomach large red sores began to form in the area in a familiar grid pattern.

    For weeks Michalak suffered from blackouts, headaches, diarrhea and weight loss.

    As the story came out, Air force personal from Canada, the United States the RCMP, the media and various other government agencies, as well as the hoard of gawkers, curious and people who took up camping on the families front lawn. Media even followed Nine year old Stan to school peppering his with questions.

    From that day forward till he passed away at the age of 83 Michalak said he should of never of said anything and still believed he saw a government experimental craft.

In the pursuit of getting healthy again Michalak traveled to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester Minnesota, there Doctors did a barrage of tests, and found him to be pragmatic and very down to earth who does not make up stories.

    So what really happened at Falcon lake that day? Was it an experimental craft?

    Was a passing extraterrestrial craft need some quick repairs? D the craft and occupants purposely turn the exhaust ports at Michalak in a attempt to eliminate a witness, what made Michalak so ill? Radioactive exhaust as mentioned in many blogs and videos.

    What of the molten metal found in the landing area melted down into the cracks of the rock? And where other melted pieces other then one piece still in families possession?

    I have no answers, I tend to keep to a very open mind on anything and everything, so tell me what you think in the comments below

Thank you to the following that I used to research this article.

CBC Canada

When They Appeared 2017 by Stan Michalak and Chris Rutkowski

                                 UFO’s over Canada 1996 John Robert Colombo.

Thursday 25 June 2020

RICHARD MUIRHEAD: Is this the first Canadian porcupine fish?

A rare poisonous fish, usually found in tropical waters, was found earlier this month washed up on shore near a Vancouver Island community. 

The tissues of the spotted porcupine fish contain tetrodotoxin, which can cause paralysis and eventually asphyxiation, according to Gavin Hanke, the curator of vertebrate zoology at the Royal B.C. Museum. 

It's the first time the species has been found in B.C., he said. It's been preserved as part of the museum's collection.