The Centre for Fortean Zoology was founded in the UK in 1992 - nearly 20 years ago. Over the past two decades it has expanded to become a truly global organisation. We opened our American office in 2001, our Australian office in 2009, and now - in our 19th year - we are proud to welcome CFZ Canada to the CFZ global family.

Thursday 22 February 2024

Meet Dave, Chair of the Canadian CFZ

 Autobiography Of David A. Scott Canadian Chair of the CFZ.

! was born in Canada in 1961 in Cold Lake Alberta and moved with my family at a very young age of 6 months to the Nations Capital of Ottawa Ontario. my Fathers retirement from the Royal Canadian Air Force as a Stationary engineer took my family to Arnprior Ontario. were I spent most of my informative years. At a young age I had a fascination in the U.F.O field, being a Member of Mufon, and the Mufon CB Radio relay network. I had a encounter in 1972 of a strange object and sighting a Canadian Fighter jet in the area, I have never been able to find anything about this, no records or reports other then I and 3 friends who witnessed the event. I was also interested in Yeti and Bigfoot. I would read endless books on science fiction, but never truly studied in depth till my 3rd Daughter ( I have 3 and a Bonus Daughter who are all very special to me ) Took a rabid fascination on just about anything Cryptid after watching Monster X on T.V. Carols questions and wanting to know more drew me back into the field of study and the three of us began a fascinating journey with Carol her Mom and I going to strange locations, joining the T.B.R.C. None of us have ever stopped looking for new and fascinating reports. David is semi-retired from GM where he worked on the gun system for Light Armored vehicles. We moved to Texas in 2001 and spent 15 years there close to the big Thicket and many many stories of Bigfoot. Carol and I Returned to Canada in 2016 were I meant my New Wife and Bonus Daughter and I hunkered down and released 15 children's books, my current project is a 3 book series of Cryptids for Children.

Cryptid Wise I have seen up close and personal a Texas Chupacabra, (Coyote malformed by severe mange while on patrol aka a Texas Blue Dog, a unidentified animal hopping/ running on two legs across the road also while on patrol and on the same road. I have no idea as I actually called into dispatch to see if a Kangaroo had escaped a zoo. This call I paid for dearly from fellow Patrol officers and friends, but I'm a big boy I can take it lol.

I am not a fan of Paranormal happenings but have seen a Nun who walks down a hallway every night, Shadow people neither of which I would care if I ever saw again.

I was Asked by Johnathan to be the chair of the CFZ and have begun to assemble my data sets and already have a planned field study for 2023 in Northern Ontario. I play Guitar, sing poorly, we enjoy our Horses, Cats and dogs and have a love for nature. I am excited to start my new Adventure and hope I can bring new light on situations and help preserve unknown Animals and nature before it is to late. Great every day with Wonder, there is always something new. You just have to be aware, and open to new ideas and admitting sometimes things do go bump in the night.

David Scott

Canadian Chair, Center for Fortran Zoology

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