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Tuesday 10 July 2012


A new iPhone app has been released to help your hunt for Bigfoot. Legend Tracker, a new app available at iTunes, is an interactive geocaching game designed to bring visitors to Mission, BC businesses by assisting them  as they search for local "legends." collecting gold coins and tools to help them along the way.  The app is a combination of GPS, video game, and social media.

Play Mobility inventors Tammy Meyers and Miles Marziani say Legend Tracker has legends like the Sasquatch for the Fraser Valley and Ogopogo for the Okanagan, with businesses already signed up to be a part of the gaming experience.  There are over 1,200 registered "legends" worldwide.  Businesses sign up to be part of the game, increasing traffic to the stores and giving users virtual treasure to find at each business.  It also has "enemy eagles" that can grab the gold that has been collected, thereby setting the gamer back significantly and prolonging the search.

The legends, sadly, are not "real" in the sense that they will bring in more grainy photographs of Sasquatch and the like.  The inventors have put in virtual legends--a virtual Sasquatch for example--that can be "found" for prizes.  The virtual Sasquatch is, of course, constantly moving.

Included in the app is a large number of features.  In addition to themed treasure maps and geolocation services, there are a number of other "helpers" for the quest.  It is cross-platform and supports internet, microphone, camera and telephone in addition to accelerometer (a device that measures proper acceleration, also called the four-acceleration. This proper acceleration is associated with the weight of a test mass), magnetometer, compass and "augmented reality".

Legend Tracker is available free on iTunes for iPhone and Android.

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