The Centre for Fortean Zoology was founded in the UK in 1992 - nearly 20 years ago. Over the past two decades it has expanded to become a truly global organisation. We opened our American office in 2001, our Australian office in 2009, and now - in our 19th year - we are proud to welcome CFZ Canada to the CFZ global family.

Sunday 27 November 2011

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Did you know you can contribute to this blog too? I always welcome "guest bloggers". Here are some guidelines:

  • Size doesn't really matter. We're more interested in content and clarity than length.

  • General interest zoology, biology, and other 'ologies are welcome. Just try to keep it in a relative Fortean Zoology/Cryptozoology scope. This study is multidisciplinary so there are lots of options.

  • Canadian references are helpful--Canada has just about every sort of known crypto links so it should be easy to find a reference

  • Cite your sources and add links of further value

  • Send to in plain text, pdf or word format.
If I use your submission, I will email you the link so you can share it with others. If I don't use your submission I will email you with some ideas on changes or a clear reason why I didn't find it appropriate.

You don't have to be a scientist or scholar! Why not write about your favorite Canadian Crypto Topic and see your name in print!


  1. I have volunteered to do articles for CFZ Canada before: in fact I had offered to relocate and join your staff permanently since there is nothing tying me down here. I never heard anything back from that.

    Best Wishes, Dale D.

  2. Could I ask if any of your readers can shed any light on the subject of the monster of Dildo Pond, Newfoundland? For some reason the name of this pond has stuck in my mind, but, although the monster is frequently listed, details are never supplied. I understand there are two Dildo Ponds, both near the town of Dildo, but I have been unable to discover which is supposedly tenanted by a monster. Despite the name of the pond, this is not a hoax communication. I can be contacted directly at

    Ronan Coghlan