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Monday 23 December 2019

Sasquatch on Lake Superior

Dee McCullay is an Ontario resident who makes documentaries, primarily about UFO's and Bigfoot.  He dabbles in other genres, both fiction and nonfiction, but this Thunder Bay area filmmaker has been collecting stories of our hairy friend for some time.
“I’m the guy in the district people keep coming to because they see the stuff I put out,”

In 2017 he released Sasquatch on Lake Superior, a short documentary about the Bigfoot sighting around the lake.  He followed that in 2018 with Sasquatch on Lake Superior II.  McCullay says he heard from many individuals with sighting reports, but only five were willing to be on camera.

The result was a 30-minute documentary on YouTube (below) that's been seen by nearly 170,000 people so far.

Thunder Bay, Ontario is not generally known as a hotbed for Sasquatch activity.  Generally, Canadians think of it as something unique to BC, especially near the coast.  Reports have come in, however from every province and territory.

Along with witness reports, McCullay integrates legend and historical fact into these two videos.  In this second particularly, at about three  minutes in is a story of the kidnapping of a young girl and subsequent visits from the hairy man.  Supposedly he killed one resident of the associated encampment, and the rest, save a merchant, fled across Lake Helen to the eastern shore.

The eastern shore of Lake Helen is now home to Red Rock Reserve,  On February 2nd 1885
the Crown surveyed 640 acres of land along the Nipigon River for the purpose of establishing this  reserve land base. Located near Nipigon, Ontario, the Band has about 1800 members at this time.

Although only a handful of sightings have come in from Ontario (compared to BC), the phenomena isn't new.  Copper mining areas have several reports of what was then called "Old Yellow Top" from as far back as 1906.

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