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Sunday 21 April 2013

Tales of Tetrapods

A Canadian group has listed the story below on their Facebook page and some of the comments made me wonder if this is a cryptid or an alien.  Often when  we hear the word “Reptilian” we think of shape-shifting aliens in sci-fi stories.  David Icke, a conspiracy theorist, has even claimed that many of the world leaders are, or are possessed by, reptilians. 

Miami-Dade Law Enforcement worker   Albert S Rosales, a Facebook user, posted this account on the Paranormal Studies and Investigations page.

Reptilian encounter, Ontario, Canada, 1978
Location. St. Catherines, Ontario, Canada Date: summer 1978 Time: late evening Lee Nigro was driving along a dark road near an area that is fairly well wooded. He was accompanied by his friend Churcho in the passenger seat when they spotted what Lee at first took to be a tall man standing in the middle of the road several yards ahead, apparently indifferent to the fact that a vehicle was moving towards “him”. Lee supposedly blared the horn frantically, since he believed he had the right of way, but still this “man” showed no interest in budging from “his” precarious spot in the middle of the road. As a result, Lee---who was known as being very tough and no-nonsense when the situation called for it---had to swerve his car aside in the road so that he didn’t hit this “man,” and could very well have had a serious accident as a result. Incensed at this individual for the near disaster, Lee Nigro got out of the car to angrily confront the man, only to realize to his horror---and that of his passenger, who could now fully see the figure illuminated in the headlights of the stopped car---that he was not confronting a human being at all. When asked what it looked like he answered, “Like an alligator” but he insisted that it stood on two feet like a man. Lee Nigro very explicitly claimed that the encountered humanoid had reptilian features and not the far more ‘familiar’ hairy hominid or ape-like type of creature. He never used the word Bigfoot to describe it, instead he insisted the creature he saw looked like something akin to a humanoid alligator with scaly, hairless reptilian skin. Unfortunately it was not confirmed if the creature’s hairless skin was green or some other hue. Then came the final part of the confrontation. While Lee Nigro’s passenger panicked and claimed that he tried to hide under the dashboard of the car, Nigro quickly grabbed a baseball bat he kept handy in the car if needed and struck the creature with it---only to find it had no effect whatsoever. After Lee Nigro struck the creature with the
bat, it knocked the weapon out of his hand, and he wisely rushed into the car, shut the door, hastily started the vehicle up again, and hit the accelerator. Just as he took off, the reptilian cryptid apparently leaped on the hood of the car, then just as quickly leaped off again as the vehicle started moving forward. It then ran into the nearby trees on the side of the road, disappearing from sight even as Lee Nigro hightailed it out of the area.

HC addendum Source: direct from Chris N Type: E Comments: Source is nephew of Lee Nigro

Another Canadian reptilian, the Thetis Lake monster, was first reported just outside of Victoria, British Columbia in 1972.  A local man attempted to explain the phenomenon with reports of misplacing a domesticated Tegu lizard near the area a year prior, but a Tegu lizard wouldn't survive a Canadian winter and the original description differs too greatly from the lizard. Two of the original four witnesses of this monster recently came forward and admitted that they had fabricated the encounter. More on the Thetis Lake story can be found here.

Reptilian cryptids are not entirely unheard of.  The Cherufe in Chile is described as a large reptilian humanoid creature or dragon. Cryptozoological investigators consider the possibility that the legends of the Cherufe may be based  on sightings of an actual biological entity.    In the "original" Mapuche legend, the Cherufe is described as a giant snake that lives under the sea floor to generate seaquakes and tsunamis. The Peruvian equivalent to the Cherufe would be called by the name Pachamama (Earth mother).  In Peru it is sometimes represented as a separate cryptid that Karl Shuker equates to the Minhocao (giant earthworm). Giant serpents, especially in this area, are thought to have been originally mythological explanations for natural phenomena or even religious concepts.

The Lizard Man of Scape Ore Swamp is said to inhabit the swampland in and around Lee County, South Carolina.  Some say it also appears along with the sewers near the swamp.  He is described as 7 feet (2.1 m) tall, bipedal, and muscular, covered in dark hair with scaly lizard like skin on hands, feet and face.  It is said to be quite strong and may have a tail with six spikes. The first reported sighting was made by Christopher Davis, a 17 year old local, who said he encountered the creature while driving home from work at 2 AM on June 29, 1988.  The sheriff's department made several plaster casts of what appeared to be three-toed footprints which measured 14 inches (36 cm) in length.  South Carolina Marine Resources Department spokesperson Johnny Evans said the tracks neither matched, nor could be mistaken for, the footprints of any recorded animal. In October 2005, a woman in Newberry, South Carolina reported to the police that she had seen two creatures resembling the Lizard Man outside her home. In February 2008, a couple in Bishopville, South Carolina reported damage to their vehicle,  blood, and the disappearance of some of their cats. Some have claimed that this is the "return" of the Lizard Man, but the blood traces from the Rawsons' vehicle were sent to a Veterinary lab and were found to be from a domestic dog.  In 2011, another couple reported that their car had been mauled by something tall and the former Lee County Sheriff stated that the damage on the car looks much like the damage from earlier incidents.

The Loveland Frog (or Loveland Lizard), in Loveland, Ohio, was supposedly sighted by a police officer in 1972. The police officer later stated that the incident had been blown out of proportion and was in fact was a large lizard, less than 3 feet in length.  In 1955, another Ohio man claimed he was driving along the Miami river, and saw three of these creatures grouped together. He claimed they had wrinkles on their heads instead of hair.  He said one was holding a wand-like spark-emitting device.

Jake the Alligator man is the most famous inhabitant of Long Beach, Washington. He is a mummified half man half alligator  that toured as a circus attraction. In 1967 the Marsh family purchased him he now resides in Marsh’s Free Museum.  The Long Beach Merchants Association began throwing an Annual 75th Birthday Bash for Jake. The event takes place the first weekend in August this year it will fall on August 2nd and 3rd 2013.  He also has a Facebook page.  Most believe he is fashioned in the same way as the Fiji Mermaid, but no real study has been done on the oddity.

The Flatwoods monster (also referred to as the “Braxton County Monster” or "Lizard Monster") was sighted in the town of Flatwoods in Braxton County, West Virginia, United States on September 12.  It is described as being man-shaped and clad in a dark (possibly green) pleated skirt; and some accounts record that the creature had no visible arms.  Others describe it as having short, stubby arms; ending in long, claw-like fingers.  Closely associated with a UFO flap in the area, the Flatwoods Monsters is generally thought to be alien, but should be studied as a cryptid as well given the  the shape, movement, and sounds reported by witnesses were consistent with the silhouette, flight pattern, and call of a startled barn owl perched on a tree limb.  In fact, debunker Joe Nickel and others believe that an owl, in conjunction with a known meteor appearance on that date, is responsible for the story.  Nevertheless, the local sherrif investigated but found no solid evidence anything unusual had happened, despite the many reports from solid citizens. Many US Government resources were also used in initial investigations. I have had the great pleasure to meet and talk with researcher Frank Feschino, Jr who has written extensively on this subject, albeit from a UFO perspective.  I highly recommend the new version of his book.

Whether these reptilians are alien or cryptozoological, their stories are often out of this world!                    


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