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Friday 22 March 2013

Star Buks in BC

Bella Coola, BC has about 600 residents and sits at the western end of the Bella Coola Valley.  The Valley  includes Bella Coola proper, Lower Bella Coola, Hagensborg, Saloompt,Nusatsum, Firvale and Stuie bringing the total valley population to about 1900.  It would seem that one of the residents is a Sasquatch.
Once populated solely by the Nuxalk people until the arrival of Alexander MacKenzie in 1793.  Not many non-natives came to the region until about 1890 when the Norwegian Lutherans were given land grants and moved north from Minnesota.  Small pox had already taken most of the Noxalks by then, but the survivors remained and even now almost half of the population identifies as Aboriginal.   Indian and Northern Affairs Canada (INAC)  estimates total Nuxalk population of  about 1400 with 900 of those living on the Nuxalk reserve in the valley.  According to traditional Nuxalk government, the true Nuxalk population is closer to 3,000, and includes people of Nuxalk ancestry who are not registered or may be registered to another "Indian Band."

The Nuxalk had a resident they named "Buks" or "Sniniq" and like other First Nations culture Bigfoot stories, are well documented in books by Dr. Tad McIlwraith.  Dr McIlwraith is a cultural anthropologist who researches and teaches at Douglas College in BC.  Cryptozoologist John Green has also visited Bella Coola and gathered reports from the 1940's, 50's and 60's.  Local Elders share thier stories of Buks and Dr John Bindernagle researched this valley as well.

Just over a month ago, local resident Obie Mack saw huge muddy footprints crossing the street in front of his home.  He called his son to take photos and make a plaster mold.  The footprint mold is 17 inches and others are said to have photographed the footprints. 
One complication to the story is that author Andrew Robson, who descends from the original settlers of the valley, is about to release a new book.  "Sasquatch Revelations of Bella Coola" is a compilaltion of local stories and is set to be available next month.  The timing is suspicious, but at this point there is no solid evidence the sighting and cast are a hoax or that Mr. Robson is in any way connected, aside from his ancestral ties to the area.

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