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Wednesday 20 February 2013

On a Stick

In 2010, a Canadian gentleman south of Ottawa, Ontario found something really unusual in his nearby woods. It was on a stick.

Now, defines "poop on a stick" as an interjection used when all other phrases are inadequate at expressing one's feelings.  Their example is

 Person A: Sorry, I can't come over and give you the math answers, my bulimic hedgehog just barfed all over my floor. 
Person B: Poop on a stick.

I think that is fitting, as there are no words to describe this.

Originally part of a discussion on the BFRO Facebook page, I was able to speak with the witness and get permission to share his story and his photographs.  It isn't a pretty picture, but it is exciting.  The witness has asked that his real name and actual location not be made public, so you will have to be satisfied that I have indeed spoken with this man and that these photographs are his.  He seems trustworthy and is definitely not seeking media attention or profit of any kind from sharing his story.

The witness lives on a large tract of land near Ottawa. Part of the property is heavily forested.  It is not accessible to teenagers needing to party or to hunters.  The witness owns a well-trained dog as well, and if there were persons on the property it is likely the dog would make our witness aware. The witness was out with his dog walking in the woods in the fall of 2010 when he ran across what certainly appears to be feces on a stick.  The opposite end of the stick seems to be chewed, he reports.  It was not thoroughly dried, as it retained some color.  It had no smell, but he did not attempt to get his face too close to the specimen.

As the witness is not a researcher, he did not collect any samples or bring back the item.  As you can well imagine, his spouse would not have been pleased to have this in her home.  Since our discussion, he has learned how to collect a specimen for testing and if this sort of thing appears again, we will follow up.

Does anyone have any thoughts on this oddity?

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