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Saturday 1 February 2020

A Creepy UNESCO World Heritage Site

The Nahanni Valley is approximately 500 km (311 mi) west of Yellowknife in the Canadian
Northwest Territories.  It is nearly untouched.  The area has been designated a UNESCO Heritage Site, Meeting their criteria for promoting international collaboration in education, sciences, and culture in order to "increase universal respect for justice, the rule of law, and human rights". UNESCO is part of the United Nations.

Because it is remote and almost untouched, there are many stories of strange phenomena.  One areas is known as “The Valley of Headless Men.”  Many people have disappeared here, then turned up without a head.

Indigenous Dene tribes, Also known as the Athapaskan peoples, have inhabited the region  for over 30,000 years, with one language and sustained by the land. Nahanni  means “The People Over There,” and is thought to reference a tribe of mountain dwelling people known as the Naha, who mysteriously vanished. It is likewise told that about 44 people had vanished in the valley by 1969.

Other phenomena have been reported from here as well. Mysterious lights and UFOs have long been sighted in the valley, as well as other unusual aerial phenomena.

The area is also known for its cryptids, as it is believed by some to hold a remnant population of a type of bear-like carnivore called the bear dog, or Amphicyonidae, which was thought to have gone extinct in the Pleistocene epoch.

In addition to this strangeness, an ice cave called Grotte Valerie hosts ancient skeletons of over 100 sheep were found, apparently having starved to death  around 2,500 BC. The find has earned the cave the nickname of “The Gallery of Lost Sheep.”

Some say that the valley is cursed.  The native people of the region have always believed that some evil, supernatural force is to be blamed for the tragedies. Some think that the deaths were the result of the ghosts of the mountain Naha warriors, risen from the dead to drive away the white man as they were known for beheadings.  Some even suggest a secret entrance to the Hollow Earth somewhere in this valley, or that it is a "vortex" or “thin spot” in the veil that separates different dimensions.

Skeptical theories point to the attacks being carried out by hostile native tribes or rivalries between miners scrambling to find the mythical stores of unfound gold. Disappearances could be the result of any number of dangers to be found in the wilderness.  The area is a place of extreme cold, with unexplored caves, gullies, jagged rocks, and grizzly bears.

Ultimately no one really knows what decapitated these bodies or what happened to the people who disappeared.

Mountain Beast Mysteries reviewed a book called LEGENDS OF THE NAHANNI by Hammerson Peters.  Mountain Beast Mysteries is a YouTube channel dedicated to providing information and stories on the subjects of Bigfoot and all the conspiracy theories related to it.

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