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Monday 18 November 2013

Waltzing Matilda

The internet never ceases to amaze (and disappoint) me.

"Breaking News" across my desktop today included this tidbit:

Bigfoot SHOCKING PHOTO – Sasquatch Proven? New Image and Matilda Documentary Shakes Scientific Community

In case you are, like me, completely unaware of who Matilda is, have a peek:

According to the article, this is the wedding "photo" of bigfoot and his lovely bride, Matilda.
World renowned scientist, Igor Nelson of Canada, noted that “this image is legit. I’m in shock. Matilda and Bigfoot are in it to win it.”
Now, not only have I never heard of this "world renowned scientist", he also can't be found online anywhere but in this article.   In further ridiculousness, there's this:
Although blurry, it has been thoroughly examined and proven legit to the satisfaction of 99% of the scientific community
Now, I don't know if the website in question is intended to be a spoof site like The Onion.  If so, it does it very poorly--nearly as poorly as it reports "news".  But we are in luck?!  There is a documentary!

It might be mildly amusing if it weren't so completely ridiculous and poorly done.  No, there's no link to purchase the movie.  Thank Goodness.  What's next, the abduction of Toronto Mayor Rob Ford?  Ok that's a bad example; we might actually benefit from that.

The same site offers the obituaries of many "dead" celebrities, including quotes attributed to them after death.  Faithful (and obviously gullible) readers can also peruse 146 articles on UFOs.  Not bad for a boxing site.

Is it any wonder legitimate researchers and aficionados are ridiculed?  Thanks, internet.

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